Faculty: Regular Yoga Teachers

Our yoga teachers mentioned here (which are faculty members of ‘Yoga Teacher Training in India’) are certified by ‘Government of India’ and recognised by ‘Indian Yoga Academy’ and ‘Foundation for Ancient Culture & Education’ as advanced yoga teachers. Means they have minimum ‘one year regular diploma in yoga (2000 hrs - Two Thousand Hours Course)’ in addition to their University Degree.

Please Note: Till doday – 13-Nov 2012, Indian government does NOT recognise ‘Yoga alliances’ and their certificates. Check ‘Six levels’ or ‘Gradations of yoga teachers’ by Indian Yoga Academy.

Disclaimer: We do NOT claim any of our yoga teacher to be an enlightened yoga master. We do NOT teach ‘miraculous’ or ‘Antrang’ (internal / meditative / mantra based)’ techniques of yoga. We only teach Abs Yoga : ‘Advanced’ and ‘Bahirang’ (external / visible / physical) techniques of yoga. It is advised to consider these techniques as ‘Physical Exercises’ or alternative ‘fitness system’ and not the method to achieve ‘super natural powers’.

Indian Yoga Teachers

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    Sunil Dahiya - Yoga Master Trainer

    Legend Maker

    Current Location : INDIA (Traveling Frequently)

    Creator of four styles of yoga; author of couples of books of advanced yoga techniques; research scholar; certified examiner of Indian Yoga Academy; supervisor for 'standards to be followed by yoga schools & yoga centers' at Foundation for Ancient culture & Education; guest lecturer at couple of international universities & yoga institutes; yoga therapist; internationally known yoga master trainer; national champion of India (in yoga) for about a decade; founder director of abs yoga international Sunil Dahiya holds couple of reputed awards including 'Bharat Yoga Samrat (Indian Yoga King)' by Indian Yoga Federation; 'Champion of Meet (Champion of Champions)' by government of Pondicherry and 'University Color in Yoga' by University of Delhi. . . . . . . ( read more )

    Visit : ( www.absyoga.com ) official website of Sunil Dahiya

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    Naveen Sir | Master Naveen - Advanced Yoga Master in India

    Hidden Yoga Celebrity

    Current Location : New Delhi, INDIA
    When your knowledge of practical application of yoga pulls you to national radio & national television for years and your elite performance & fitness enhancing training pulls you to the international chain of yoga studios in South-Asian countries, it was only your dedication and ‘desire to stay close to your Guru’, which brought you back to India. A resource person, author, researcher, national & international champion in yoga and a poet all embedded in humbleness makes it possible ‘to live ordinary life’ which as per you is “one of most important in sadhna of yoga”. . . . . . ( read more )
    Visit : ( www.acefoundation.in ) official profile of Naveen Dahiya

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    Pravin Sir | Master Pravin - Advanced Yoga Master in India

    Physics in Yoga and Yoga in Physics

    Current Location : New Delhi, INDIA
    With discoveries during infancy, award winning invention during school and ‘unique teaching techniques’ (which he got inherited along with yoga) he is teacher of ‘Physics’ and ‘Mathematics’ by profession. He started to use yogic techniques to help his students to improve academic abilities through his workshops and crash courses of ‘Vedic-Methematics’ and ‘Vedic-Physics’. Rarely he conducts ‘yoga workshops’ and ‘yoga training camps’ too. . . . . . . . (read more)

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    Ajay Kaushik | Ajay Ji - Advanced Yoga Master in India

    Simplicity – The Formula for Fastest Growth

    Current Location : New Delhi, INDIA
    Blessed by God, started Hatha yoga at home and won yoga championships at school time, learnt advanced yoga techniques from Sunil Dahiya, did ‘diploma in yoga’ (two thousand hours regular course) at national institute of yoga under ‘Sri Balmukund Singh Ji’ and got deep experiences of yoga under highest Gurus of Yoga and than only after more than 10 years of regular practice, Ajay Kaushik started to teach yoga professionally. . . . . . . (read more)

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    Aajay Rathi | Master Ajay - Advanced Yoga Master in India

    Founder – Pranic Marshal Yoga

    Current Location : INDIA
    After his intensive sadhna & research in Yoga, he become a internationally popular yoga teacher, specially for power yoga, hatha yoga and marshal yoga during years 2005-2007. But soon for exploring the higher yoga sadhna he came back to India. He developed pranic power yoga - a advanced form of marshal yoga limited to vegetarian and teetotaller people. Finding hard to spare time from his intensive yoga sadhna in northern India, he is occasionally conducting yoga training camps for very selected people and visiting abroad as guest lecturer very rarely ‘where admission in yoga training course is given only to teetotalers’. . . . . (read more)